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Producer | Designer | User Experience
Vancouver, B.C
I am a Producer at heart, Designer in practice... in world of user experience. Currently, I am the Sr. Director of Product at nTrust. I oversee the entire product offerings and user experience. I am also heavily invested in Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. The majority of my career has been dedicated to video game design. Having worked at Electronic Arts for 8 years, I've produced, designed and led multiple teams to launch consistent AAA titles such as the FIFA Franchise. As a personal growth and contribution to the design industry, I am a mentor at Vancouver Film School and part of the VanUE organization committee to tailor industry events to UX professionals within the city. I am also a passionate writer and publish many future tech and UX articles on Medium and LinkedIn. Portfolio:
Vancouver, Canada
Mar 2013 - Present
Sr. Director of Product
Sr. Director, Head of Product at nTrust evolving a start up company from 15 people to 35+ in the hot sector of fintech, remittance and mobile payments industry.

• On Executive Team to transform business goals into product lines and value propositions.
• Defined the vision of the company and acquired 100,000+ customers over a 4 year period.
• Responsible for the end-to-end customer UI/UX throughout the platform.
• Worked closely with lawyers, legal, and compliance teams to acquire FINTRAC, MSB, PSP and PCI Licenses.
• Developed strong business relationships with banks, credit unions, payment processors, regulators and partners.
• Created and designed to the cost-modelling strategy for our service.
• Responsible for creating and overseeing all web & mobile applications.
• Consistent improvement of monthly active users (MAU) over a 3-year product span.
• Managed a team of designers and developers to create multiple product lines.
• Pioneered an stand-alone, parallel, merchant business product line to service SMB's.
• Developed a compelling referral rewards system to trigger exponential customer growth.
• Continually monitored customer behavioural analytics to improve user experience.
• Key provider of creative direction to Marketing team with campaign initiatives by bringing the features to life.
• Pivoted our business strategy to offer Bitcoins as a better alternative for remittance.
• Designed the most user-friendly cryptocurrency Exchange Trading Platform.
• Deep knowledge of blockchain technology, heavily invested in Bitcoin and altcoins.
• Frequently travelled to UK to design and manage Bitcoin related projects.
Vancouver, Canada
Apr 2016 - Present
Mentor, Digital Design
Mentor at Vancouver Film School specializing in Interactive, UI, UX Design for the Digital Design Graduation Class 34.

• Provided industry knowledge to acquire UI/UX design jobs in the industry.
• Project planned student's grad projects to ensure the entire creative process is practiced.
• Consistently reviewed student's work to steer them in their specialized strengths.
• Graded and finalized the student's grad project to be presentable at their interviews.
Vancouver, Canada
Jan 2011 - Mar 2013
Producer at EA Sports responsible for all features and game modes in FIFA Street.

• Responsible for the creative direction, theme and entire UX for a sub-cultural sport.
• Established visual target for the game.
• Designed game modes from World Tour, Create Player, to Player Leveling systems.
• Created end-to-end functional design documents for all features which included design specs, wireframes, mockups and engineering requirements.
• Managed a team of 20+ designers and developers internally.
• Travelled overseas constantly to manage and review external team's work.
• Co-managed QA team to ensure all intricate functionality has been exploited, tested and reproduced to the design specs.

Game Credits

• FIFA Street (360/PS3) - Production Team
• FIFA World (PC) - Initial Concept
Vancouver, Canada
May 2005 - Feb 2011
Lead UI/UX Designer
Lead UI/UX Designer at EA Sports.

• Designed and developed UI/UX for a wide range of AAA titles on multiple platforms.
• Created UI for mobile, web, handhelds, XBOX Kinect & Nintendo Wii.
• Exclusivity to create UI for XBOX Kinect and Nintendo Wii before the consoles launched.
• Deep knowledge of Interaction Architecture from pointer, touch to gesture interactions.
• Led a small team of 5+ UI designers and developers by establishing the visual target in early prototyping.
• Mastery of creating user journey from prototypes, sketching, wireframing, mockups to full-motion demo's of interaction.
• Responsible for reviewing the developers work to ensure the final delivery is identical to the mockups.

Game Credits

• EA Sports Active 2 - Lead Interface Designer
• FIFA Soccer 10 - Lead Interface Designer
• FIFA Soccer 09 - Lead Interface Designer
• FIFA Soccer 08 - Assistant Interface Designer
• The Sims 2: Pets - Assistant Interface Designer
• Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 - Assistant Interface Designer
• MVP NCAA Baseball 06 - COOP Artist
Vancouver, Canada
Jul 2002 - Dec 2002
Designer at Lee Guitars.

Lee Guitars is rapidly expanding till this day with multiple guitar products lines. They have fulfilled their mission to become the first Chinese guitar brand in the world, which are still expanding into more countries in Southeast Asia.

• Started and created the brand discovery for Lee Guitars.
• Rapid prototypes that involved traditional pen & paper sketches to explore the brand.
• This was a freelance project during school which provided me a great opportunity to work with a fresh new concept in the music & manufacturing industry.
Part of the VanUE Organization Committee to tailor industry events, speaker series, and company open-houses to a group of passionate UX designers in Vancouver.
Burnaby, B.C
Apr 2017 - Present
Certificate, Business Administration & Management
Business Administration & Management Certificate Program at BCIT for extended advancement in Product Design, Economics, Management, Business Law and Analytics.
North Vancouver, B.C
Sep 2002 - Apr 2005
Diploma, Illustration Design Elements & Applications
3-year diploma from the IDEA program. With exposure to the grand spectrum in the world of art & design, this program developed a professional portfolio focus primarily on communication design.

Each year had different professional themes that were critical pillars to create the final portfolio. First year was traditional mediums which included drawings, illustration and painting. The second year focused on the digital world of print, web, typography, and page layouts. The third, and final year combined hands-on skills with digital mediums and professional insights to craft the final portfolio.
BetaKit article coverage for the 2015 Vancouver UX Awards discussing UX insight and trends.
UX Crunch article for UX in the Fintech space.
Telus International interview on why Fintechs are beating big banks.
Georgia Straight interview by Stephen Hui for nTrust App Launch.
Finalist for Fintech Startup of the Year - 2016 DFI Canadian Fintech Awards.
Finalist for Best UX for Enterprise - 2015 Vancouver UX Awards
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Canadian Personal Finance Conference 2015
GROW Conference 2015
BCTech Summit 2016
Dx3 Conference 2016
MaRS Verge 2016
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